Elder Joseph h. EdisonThe Zion Church in Jesus Christ was founded in the year of 1947 by the late Elder Joseph H. Edison and his wife, Mother Eva Lane Edison. The Lord had directed them to move from Detroit, Michigan where he was pastoring the Zion Church in Mount Clemons, Michigan. The first location of the Zion Church in California was on 4th and P Streets. As the Church began to grow Elder Edison moved to 7th and P Streets. The Lord blessed tremendously in that little place and the membership soon outgrew the church. A lot was purchased to build a church and the Ground Breaking Ceremony was held on October 8, 1950, at 3628 Cypress Street, Del Paso Heights. Some of the saint’s moved from Michigan to continue under Elder Edison’s teaching.

The Church continued to grow until the death of the Pastor, Elder Edison, on April 12, 1955. Some of the officers at the time of his death were Brothers Ezekiel Williams, Thornton Alexander, Jewett Steel, Henry Duncan, John Howard and Edmond Cooper.

Elder John Howard The membership appointed Elder John Howard, a young minister in the Lord, as Pastor. He later turned the Church over to Bishop Lewis D. Stallworth, Sr. In 1963, Bishop Stallworth, Sr. installed Elder Sam Jones as the Pastor of Zion. At the time of Elder Jones installation the Church had moved to its present location at 3723 Altos Avenue.

Elder Jones saw that a lot of work was needed on the building. He was young and energetic so he rolled up his sleeves and with the assistance of the brethren; he tackled the job of remodeling the church. The Lord blessed his ministry and through faithfulness to his duties and the prayers of the sisters at the Noon Day Prayer Services souls were added to the church.

Elder Sam JonesAgain, GOD began to deal with Elder Jones about remodeling and expanding the church. He moved the church services into the Quanset Hut, which at that time was being used as the kitchen. The saints danced and praised God in the Quanset Hut and God added souls to the Church.

Many have been baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost; miracles have been wrought through prayer; people have been healed of cancer and other diseases through the ministry of Elder Jones and his companion, Gloria.

District Elder Sam Jones, was elevated to the office of Bishop in August, 1982. He was a “holiness or hell” preacher. He taught the saints at Zion that GOD expects true holiness, holy living and not straddling the fence. Bishop Jones was a lover of people, especially the youth and the seniors. He also encouraged the brothers to take the young men on outings and fishing, which he loved. Bishop Jones and Sister Jones would go on retreats with the married couples to teach them how to live holy, to love one another, to respect one another and to live together in peace and harmony. Once a year he would take all the seniors to dinner.

Dr. Gloria Jones On August 9, 1999, Bishop Jones completed his course on earth and answered the call of the Lord to take his rest. The Zion Church Family went on 30 days of fasting and prayer to seek the Lord for a pastor after his own heart. First Lady Gloria Jones was chosen as pastor for The Zion Church Family and ordained by Bishop Lewis Stallworth Sr. in January 2000. Bishop D. Rayford Bell, Diocesan of the United Northwest District Council, installed her as pastor of Zion Church in Jesus Christ, Apostolic on August 26, 2000.

Since becoming Pastor of Zion Church in Jesus Christ, through her leadership, souls have been added to the vineyard. GOD has blessed the ministry to remodel the kitchen, purchase a commercial refrigerator and purchase property on the side and back of the church.

The Dr. Gloria Jones Education Institute has been established, where tutoring and computer classes take place in one of the purchased homes. Dr. Jones is working to complete the dreams she shared with her husband of building a teen recreational center, a senior citizens and child day care center on the purchased property. Phase 1 was the completion of the parking lot and the beginning of phase II occurred on January 17, 2009 with the ground breaking ceremony for the recreational center.

Pastor Jones is asking GOD for wisdom and guidance as she continues to teach the unadulterated word of GOD. She has asked GOD to save his people and fill them with the Holy Ghost for such a time as this.

GOD is using Zion to be a light that sits upon a hill, a sanctuary where wounded souls can mend, where the lame and crippled can walk and those that need a physician can be healed. To God be the Glory!

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